October 7, 2007

Well, Friday pretty much sucked. I didn’t have any homework, but I got sick after I got home. We won though so it’s cool.

But Saturday was amazing. I was still sick but I went to the competition anyway. When I got there, I had to find Coshocton first thing. It was pretty awesome, seeing everyone for the first time in like two months. I hung out with them for a while and even got to see them perform. They were a lot better than last year.

Then I had to go to the band room to get my uniform on. I still felt really sick from the night before. Elizabeth made me drink some water and go outside. I came back in and Jarrod was making a ‘movie’ of everyone, it was so hilarious! We had inspections and got ready to go on.

After we went on it seemed like forever till we found out whether we made it to state. Coshocton ended up 3rd in their class beating out Philo. I don’t remember who got 1st in class C. Meadowbrook got 1st in class B. Tri-Valley got 1st in class A. And Newark got 1st in class AA (because they were the only band in their class).


That’s all I have for now,