Christmas Eve and Egg Nog

December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!
By the way, My cell phone works now !!! Yeah 🙂
That’s all for now, But I’ll post more tomorrow!


Christmas This Year

December 21, 2006

Hey all you pipsqueaks, sit down and pull up a chair. Wait, strike that, reverse it!

Ok, so you somehow stumbled onto my little old blog. Alright It’s not that old, considering I only made it the 21st of December. Which happens to be 4 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS.

I had a little bit of the bah humbugs this year since it seems like it came so fast. Another reason why is this is going to be my first Christmas without my dad. It’s going to be really tough opening the presents and driving around the city looking at the lights. All our traditions will have a missing person this year. I wasn’t able to escape anywhere so I’ll be stuck here while all my friends go all around the world without me.

I quickly got over my bah humbugs after I found out that i was getting $100 dollars from my mom and $20 (which i already spent part of) from my Aunt Kandy (my dad’s sister). I have two items on my wish list that I am dying to get. The first is the new LG Chocolate (Cherry Edition). For all those stuck under a rock, It’s an awesome camera/mp3 player/cell phone. And it’s Exactly $100. Imagine my luck. Next on my wish list is a little bit pricier than the LG Chocolate. It’s a Wii. Yep that little game system that everyone thought was going to be stomped my the Xbox and PS3. With the Wiimote it just looks really fun to play.

I think I’ve wasted enough of your time. Get out there and have a very Happy Christmas (and Chanukah and Kwanzaa and…[insert big winter holiday of you religion here])